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Romans Devotions – Romans 5:11

June 28, 2010

“So now we can rejoice in our wonderful new relationship with God because our Lord Jesus Christ has made us friends of God” (Romans 5:11; NLT)

In this verse Paul reaches the culmination of faith in Jesus – that through Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross, we can be reconciled to God.  Through Jesus’ actions, we are brought back into right relationship with God.  And not just any relationship – Paul goes so far as to say that we are called “friends” of God.

Pastor Mark often says that Christianity is about a relationship, not a religion.  We are called not just to follow and obey God – although we are certainly called to do both of those things!  But obedience can all too easily become empty ritual – and the Bible tells us that God wants our hearts.  In fact, in the Old Testament we learn that empty observance of religious ritual – even if we are doing things God has commanded – is not pleasing to God at all (Isaiah 1:10-17).  But it is hard for our obedience to become empty ritual when we are in relationship with God – when we realize that God calls us his friends.  If we recognize that God is our friend – then we obey out of genuine love and gratitude, and not just because we are commanded to do so.  And that can make all the difference.


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