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My Desktop

June 29, 2010

I’ve seen this blog meme a lot – most recently on my friend Carl’s blog – and always think its interesting.  His explanation is pretty good:

The deal with the trend is quite simple: post a picture of your computer desktop, explain the bits that are on it, post it on your blog and then sit back relishing in the fact that you’re just a nerd.

Fair enough – I’m typically wiling to embrace my nerdery (is that even a word?  apparently not)  So for the one or two people who might agree with me that this is interesting, I thought I’d post my own desktop.

Clearly I prefer a clean desktop.  I keep the dock hidden (in the bottom center).  The wallpaper changes periodically – I prefer very simple, plain pictures.  This is about as busy an image as I usually use.

The calendar is an app called Dateline.  I like that it gives me a simple, visual view of the current month, and that I can double click on a day and it will open iCal to that day.

There are a couple documents in the top right – usually just a couple things I haven’t filed yet.  Right now there’s an interview with Dallas Willard I haven’t yet read, and a couple images I need to use for the blog before I delete them.

Pretty exciting, right?  🙂


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  1. Cari permalink

    Amazing! 🙂

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