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Why Not Regulate Guns as Seriously as Toys?

February 23, 2011

Here is an op-ed from the New York Times a few weeks ago that is worth a read (my post title is borrowed from the op-ed).  I’m in favor of gun control – that’s probably not a surprise if you know me very well.  The reason guns exist is to harm or kill living, breathing creatures – human or otherwise.  Anything that is so destructive – by its very nature – should be strongly regulated.

While I am not a hunter, I do not begrudge those who do so (although I find trophy hunting pretty distasteful – I’m not sure that is what God had in mind when he told us to exercise dominion (ie. stewardship) over creation).  And while I do not own a handgun (and would probably prefer that no one did), I do not condemn those who choose to own one for protection. But I do believe that access to lethal weapons should be limited.  Certain guns (ie. assault rifles) have no business in the hands of civilians. And waiting periods and background checks should be a bare minimum for purchasing a gun.

Anyway, I know plenty will disagree with me – I do live in Nebraska after all!  So take a few moments to read the op-ed (which is, by the way, written by someone who does not believe that all guns should be banned).  The author offers some interesting statistics that are at odds with some of the things gun enthusiasts claim, and he makes some sensible suggestions regarding gun control.  Then comment and tell us what you think!


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  1. shawn permalink

    Land conservation and herd management have a lot to do with hunting, more so than the sport. Controlling disease and animal populations is a part of that stewardship you speak of. Yes i do agree that it is taken to extreme like anything else done by man. As far as gun rights and types you need to take some time and further you education before making such broad statements. Your errant comment about assault rifles demonstrates your lack of knowledge on the subject.

  2. Jake Christian permalink

    Shawn – Good point about land conservation and herd management. Those are certainly factors with hunting – although for most actual hunters, I would suggest their motivation is more about sport than conservation.

    As for assault rifles and gun rights, I don’t claim to be an expert, although I have done some amount of thinking here and do try to keep up at least a little on news regarding the issue. Please feel free to actually share your perspective here, that’s what the blog is for. But keep in mind this is a subject on which we – and plenty of other people – may likely disagree. Let’s do so respectfully.

  3. shawn permalink

    In my arrogance i swing to extremes, and i know i do not always approach a topic in the spirit of peace. Forgive me. My weekly meetings with Dr. Jones helps me re-center. Blessings to you and your ministry! and I look forward to more good talks.

  4. Why Not Regulate Guns as Seriously as Toys?
    1. toys are not granted to us as a right ie 2nd amendment
    2. do you really trust law enforcement to protect you and your family in a

    home invasion, is 911 and a prayer good enough for you. Omaha is at 9

    murders for the year already.
    a. what is your plan for an attack on you or your bride.
    b. are you that willing to be a martyr for no good reason.
    c. are you willing to take a life in defense of you and your family?
    3. there are already measures in place for purchase of firearms
    a. background checks
    b. some states have waiting period

    some people believe you should have to take a class or some sort of

    training to own a firearm. while this is required for most states that have

    concealed carry permits, it is not a pre-requisite to ownership, again the

    difference between right and privilege. In this state you can walk down

    main street with a semi-auto rifle slung across your back in a open carry

    configuration. Yes you will draw a lot of attention and most likely have to

    explain to police why you are doing it, but it is your right to do so.

    1. Give me examples of a civilized unarmed society.
    2. Define assault rifle. I don’t always agree with wiki but here it is

    i would point out the section “selective fire rifle” a rifle that is

    capable of full auto or burst mode of fire. these are highly regulated but

    still legal to own with the proper paper work.

    Now with all that said i will inject some of my personal beliefs
    1. responsible firearms ownership would compel you to learn and be properly

    educated as to laws and consequences of carry and use of a firearm.
    2. responsible firearms ownership would compel you to train to your best

    ability to all situations regarding use and limitations of a force


    I will post some ideals and thoughts on hunting later


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