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Praying the Heart

April 11, 2011

I’ve been a bit absent the past week – we traveled to Spearfish, SD to visit friends and I just didn’t have enough time to get posts prepared for the time we were gone. Or for today. 🙂  But I ran across this little poem this morning in a daily email I receive from Emergent Village and liked it – especially the idea behind it. So I thought I would share:

Praying the Heart by Elizabeth Cunningham

You can only pray what’s in your heart.

So if your heart is being ripped from your chest
pray the tearing

if your heart is full of bitterness
pray it to the last dreg

if your heart is a river gone wild
pray the torrent

or a lava flow scorching the mountain
pray the fire

pray the scream in your heart the fanning bellows

pray the rage,
the murder and
the mourning

pray your heart into the great quiet hands that can hold it
like the small bird it is.

Things like this help remind me that God wants to hear what I’m feeling – not some sanitized version. He can handle my doubt and anger just as much as my praise and thanks. In fact, on my best days I’m able to praise and give thanks in the midst of doubt and anger. But even when I’m not – I’m grateful for a God who wants to know what is on my heart.



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  1. Great post! Christ has completed His work, our job is to daily remember that. Prayer is our way of telling Him how we feel and the ways we need help living in that truth, our struggles and blessings.

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