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Pictures from Peru 2 – Project New Hope International

June 1, 2011

The main purpose of our recent trip to Peru was to see first hand the work that Project New Hope International (PNHI), a mission organization StoneBridge has supported for several years, is doing in Trujillo. We wanted to a) see what they were doing and meet some of their staff; b) explore the possibility of bringing a short-term team from StoneBridge to assist in their work in 2012; and c) be an encouragement to them.

What we discovered was a fantastic organization doing incredible work in some really difficult areas. I was impressed with PNHI for several reasons:

  • Their staff is primarily made up of nationals. A North American couple leads the team, but are the only North Americans on a team of 20+ people. The vast majority are Peruvian, with a couple Chileans also in the mix.
  • They have a great strategy based on Che, which has been implemented in various settings around the world. Basically, the go into a barrio and meet with the political, business and cultural leaders. They present a plan to train them to identify the most pressing needs in their community – whatever they may be – and to then address those needs. The emphasis is on helping them to help themselves, rather than swooping in and telling them what they need and doing it for them. It involves the people they are trying to help in the process. They are helping people to better their lives.
  • During this process, they also meet in people’s homes (with their permission, of course) and walk them through a Bible study called the Peace Treaty, offering them the chance to become followers of Jesus.
  • They form house churches in these barrios, led by people from the barrios. Currently they have around 1700 people meeting every week in house churches around the city of Trujillo.
  • They were very open about their mistakes and missteps, which was refreshing. What was even more refreshing is that they were clearly evaluating and learning from those mistakes to improve the work they are doing.

Now on to the pictures. If you were at StoneBridge last week, you saw a couple of these already…

This is Mike – he and his wife Danell lead the team in Trujillo. And the really, really good chicken we were about to dine on with him and the rest of the team.

Here is the rest of the team as we ate together. Notice the Inca Kola, which is actually made by Coca-Cola. Mark really enjoyed it – he said it has kind of a banana flavor.

These 3 single mothers live in the first barrio PNHI ever worked in, and were reached through that work (several of the barrio pictures in my previous post were from their barrio). We had a great conversation (through a translator) about the home church they lead in the barrio. Pretty amazing – we think we have to have all these people and equipment to do church (and in a North American context, those things are often helpful) – but here are three single women planting and leading a church in their neighborhood. Incredible.

This is the outside of the home where their house church meets. The sign says “Projecto Nueva Esperanza”: Project New Hope.

This is Jorge, one of the church planters on staff with Project New Hope. He took us on a tour of the barrio mentioned in my previous post that was built on a trash dump. He led us up to this hill (where this picture was taken) in the middle of the barrio and told us how God had led him to this barrio, and told him that this barrio was where he needed to work. He was an incredibly passionate and inspiring man, doing great work in a difficult setting.

All in all it was a great trip, health issues aside. We thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent with John Hendee, PNHI’s director, and the rest of his staff. And we’re even more convinced that the work they are doing in Trujillo is very worthy of our support.

(For the first set of pictures, from the poor barrios we visited in Trujillo, click here)


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  1. Mack Jennings permalink

    Your blog and comments are very enlightening, well thought through, well documented and very interesting. I found it caring and educational even as I begin my sixth year on the PNHI board.

    It is not my place to suggest anything outside of what you have posted, but under the picture of MIke (I’ll bet he ate that whole thing!!) I would have referred to Mike and Dani as the leaders. No big deal, I just see her as an equal in this project.

    Thanks for all this. It makes me want to move my next trip forward (to tomorrow???).


  2. Jake Christian permalink

    Thanks for your comment, Mack – and for the work you’re doing on the board of such a worthwhile mission. I appreciate the correction – I’ve updated the post to reflect it.

  3. It was great to see your pictures and this wonderful post. I was there a year ago and can not wait to return. Never before have I been so pulled to a ministry. The people that I met were wonderful. Mike and Dani are amazing with HUGE hearts.

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