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Prayer for Unaccompanied Migrant Children

July 20, 2014

Migrant ChildrenI’ve found myself deeply moved this week as I continue to hear about the many thousands of unaccompanied children coming to our borders. There aren’t easy solutions, but many of the reactions and solutions I’ve heard seem severely lacking in compassion. I keep wondering if there’s anything I can do – I’m still not sure. But one thing I do know that I can do is to pray. I ran across this prayer that I found helpful to put words to some of what I’ve been feeling.

Hear our prayer, loving and compassionate God, and give us courage that we may accompany these migrant children with abundant mercy and grace. Embolden us to speak to the world of your love for all your children, and give us the courage to be unafraid. Free us from the fear of scarcity and the fear of the one whom we do not know. Through the power and presence of your Holy Spirit remind us that we are all your children, and allow us the blessing of experiencing the renewal of life that comes when we share your love with especially the littlest among us. Bring your healing among these unaccompanied migrant children. Bless their hearts with your loving presence, and surround them with your angels of care. Bless their parents and their families wherever they may be as they suffer the separation and the not knowing that comes with the migrant journey. Bless us to be the parents, family and friends of these children who now come to be among us, blessing us and bringing us your love. Amen.  



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